Personal Information Collection Statement in relation to Job Application

  1. Application papers submitted by job applicants are used for recruitment and other employment-related purposes by the University.  It may be accessible to offices, committees or persons who will process recruitment and employment-related matters.  Should similar vacancies in the University arise, your application may also be forwarded to relevant departments or units for consideration.
  2. Provision of full and complete information in support of your application is necessary for selection purposes. Failure to provide any of these data may affect the processing and outcome of your application.
  3. The unsuccessful applicants’ application papers and other personal data will be destroyed not later than one year after the recruitment process is completed.
  4. Job applicants who wish to have access or to make corrections to any information they have provided to the University can write to the Director of Personnel, Personnel Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and quote the reference number of their application.



  1. 應徵者所提供的資料將用作招聘或其他與僱傭有關事宜,並會供大學有關部門、委員會或其他處理招聘事宜的人士參考。如有其他相類職位,此等資料或會供有關學系/部門考慮。
  2. 應徵者必須填妥職位應徵表格上所有項目及提供完整資料,以作甄選之用。如未有提供此等資料,或會對其申請及甄選結果構成影響。
  3. 未獲取錄應徵者的資料,將於招聘程序完成後一年內全部銷毀。
  4. 應徵者如欲查閱或更正其提交予大學的資料,請致函香港中文大學人事處處長,並註明申請職位編號。